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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 30, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> the rain coming down in the bay area. you are looking at some video we shot this morning from along the embarcadero along piered. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen, carolyn tyler has the day off. let's start the show by sending it over to lisa argen. these tracking live doppler 7hd for us >> hi, chris. the heaviest rain is around half moon bay and the coast. you can see the yellows and reds. a moderate rain here. elsewhere it's been light throughout the morning hours. but half moon bay down to
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highway 1, all the way down to santa cruz, we are looking at some pretty moderate rain. over on the peninsula, mountain view and through sunnyvale looking at light to moderate rain. taking it further east over the hills east of milpitas, the heavier showers. finally hayward, milpitas, union city getting in on the act. here's a shot of san lorenzo and hayward and oakland looking at light activity. and highway 24, we take you into the north bay and it's guy fret marin up through sonoma. the activity will continue to taper off throughout the morning and afternoon hours. some scattered light showers and then breaks through the 2:00, 3:00 hours. maybe a few peaks of sun. a stronger system is on the way with some gusty winds. i'll detail that for you coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. the rain is certainly a welcome site for many, especially as california deals with the drought. abc7 news reporter sergio
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quintana as more from mill bay on what residents are saying about the wet weather. >> reporter: some light rains were enough for people to pull out their umbrellas in milbrae and san mateo. the sane started, then stopped, and started again throughout the evening. the showers were a welcome sight. >> tell me about the umbrella. >> i was lucky to have it. i'm glad it is finally raining. >> even those hurrying to the downtown concert wanted to talk about the rain and how much it is desperately needed. >> we knew it would rain. we were hoping it wouldn't rain on thanksgiving, but we wanted it to be raining for the rest of the week. >> earlier it was mostly spotty and wasn't as much as some were hoping for. >> the umbrella is not out. >> well, this is a little worse than summer fog in san francisco. it really is. it's still pretty pleasant right now. no wind. >> in oakland the anticipated rainstorms were enough to prompt some to get ready with sandbags.
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>> since it's been so dry, there's a place under our house that often leaks underneath the house so we want to be able to block it off. >> they were able to load up with plenty of bags from the oakland municipal service center on edgewater drive. >> far too dry for far too long so nearly everyone we talked to were happy to talk about the rain and the hope that more will come. in milbrae, i'm sergio quintana abc7 news. great news for skiers. more snow could be headed to tahoe. northstar california resort sent us this video showing skiers who enjoyed the three inches of snow falling overnight yesterday, and the lake tahoe tv camera at heavenly mountain resort shows a light dusting. the resort there saw one inch of snow yesterday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 weather app. we also have more information online at our website,
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>> it will be home from the holiday for millions of folks today. a live look at sfo where officials expect nearly 140,000 passengers to pass through the airport today. across the country airports will be packed and highways jammed on one of the busiest travel days of the year. we have the details. >> more than 2.5 million americans expected to take to the sky, hoping to get home in time for work. the weather is clear and passengers should expect tong lines and possible delays. >> everyone travels home and they are all trying to get back today. >> even if you make your flight, what about your luggage? in atlanta, more than 140,000 bags will go through the conveyor belts and your bags are 70% less likely to be lost or delayed than last year. >> we run the system as efficient as we possibly can. it's one of our busiest days it
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will be all year. >> if you think the delay and long lines are limit today air travel, guess again. >> a lot more people are hitting the roads. you don't have the air delays, you don't have to worry about the weather, but you are going to face traffic. >> with gas under three dollars a gallon, drivers will share the road with another 41 million people. at an average of $2.78 for each gallon, it's almost 50 cents cheaper than this time last year and experts believe is may continue to drop thanks to increased domestic production. but according to the editor and chief of yahoo travel, whether you are braving the road or squeezing on to a packed lane, there's one way to get through the bad part. >> you have to pack your patience. >> abc news, washington reagan airport. >> the officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in ferguson, month has resigned. yesterday darren wilson announced his resignation effective immediately. last monday a grand jury decided not to issue charges against him for the death of 18-year-old
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michael brown. in a letter wilson said he hopes his resignation will allow the community to heal. we will have reaction to wilson's decision coming up in the next half-hour. >> more demonstrations were held last night in ferguson. protesters gathered outside in the street in front of the police station. [chanting] >> and in suburban st. louis, protesters laid down on the floor of a mall and chanted "indict that cop." it was the second straight day of mall protests. >> here in san francisco, crews were busy cleaning up after protests turned violent. sky 7hd was overhead when protesters upset over the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri, tried to disrupt a tree lighting ceremony at union square friday. but last night it was a much calmer scene. tiffany wilson has more. >> bright red tape and boards cover the crate & barrel window display.
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customers inside experienced the violence firsthand. >> some children were really upset and distraught by the activities and we took them here. >> the store manager hopes the destruction won't deter holiday shoppers. one jewelry store lost all business. the gate stayed down after the store windows got blasted. bottles still littered the sidewalk. perhaps an accomplice to this huge hole. beretta's name didn't protect the restaurant. this you-report video shows the vandalism in process. the damage shrouded in plastic. at bank of america plywood serves as door and windows. radio shack had looting and sustained broken windows. all the union square and mission district damage, the result of a peaceful march ending in chaos. demonstrators voiced their dissatisfaction with the police officer who shot michael brown,
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then they turned to destruction. they tried to disrupt the tree lighting ceremony at union square. sky video hd captured it in progress. >> people launched bottles and bricks at police. two officers were hit. one required stitches at the hospital. police released the number of arrests made on monday. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. in a statement yesterday, the mayor ed lee said, quote, those who co-op meaningful demonstrations for the purposes of vandalism, looting and harming police officers, disrespect the memory of michael brown and diminish the voices we need to hear right now. this behavior will not be tolerated and those responsibility will be held accountable and prosecuted." 9:09 is our time. a bike shop owner in oakland's neighborhood is thanking neighbors and friends for making sure his store was open for the busy shopping weekend. at the tip-top bike shop. two glass doors were busted and the security gate broken after protests last week. the owners had to find people to
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fix the glass over the holiday, which was very expensive. the security door remains busted. of course, they believe the damage could have been considerably worse it not for the help of friends and strangers. >> some of our friends and a good samaritan stood in front of them and stopped them from continuing. what could have been a very, very bad night, was merely an unfortunate night. >> tip top reopened in time for friday. san francisco police are trying to find a group of young women accused in a robbery spree. it began after 7:00 last night at union square. witnesses say six women, who appeared to be in their 20s, stole clothes from victoria secret and "forever 21." the 911 caller described them as rainbow girls because they were wearing bright-colored clothing. there were similar robberyies there by a no tore yu rainbow girls gang last year. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information lead to
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the arrest for a murder of a teacher. david ruenzel was out hiking at the huckleberry botanic reserve when two men robbed him and shot him at close range. he taught at school in danville. the police are looking for two men who witnesses saw on the trail just before the shooting. this is the sketch of the first man. here's a look at the other guy. the police are calling the two men persons of interest. time now is 9:is 111. on a lighter note, weather-wise we are seeing light rain showers out there. >> that's right. light to moderate rain right now. it will turn into a dryer afternoon. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. you see the wet pavement, dark sky and even fog around. we will be in between systems by tonight. so we will talk about rain totals and what is to come when we return. >> plus, tomorrow is cyber monday but recent security breaches at major retails are have people worried their credit card information isn't safe. next, what you can do right now to protect yourself. also ahead, we will tell you how
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you don't have to wait until tomorrow to score some great deals while also supporting a good cause. right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it.
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>> good morning, everyone. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. we are tracking showers throughout the bay area. the orange and the yellow and
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green activity right there on the screen showing you what's going on weather-wise. as always, you can see what is happening on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. lisa argen returns in a few minutes with a full accuweather forecast. today is a good time to score some holiday deals while also supporting a good cause. thousands of stores will be offering deals and coupons today as part of good shop sunday. a percentage of every purchase made will be donated back to the shopper's favorite charity. retailers such as amazon, best buy, target, macy's and apple are expected to take part in more than 110,000 causes will be represented. today good shop sunday has raised more than $11 million for charity. the first small business saturday in san francisco was held yesterday. a fashion show featuring clothing from local designers in local stores was held on fillmore street. it's a nationwide effort to get people to shop at independent, locally owned stores after thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.
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>> when you shop at the small business, so much more of the money goes back into the local community to contribute to the schools and we want to make sure people are giving back to those people with their support. >> 20 stores up and down fillmore took part in last night's event and people who attended received passports which after visiting different stores could be redeemed for free stuff. big sales on black friday isn't pulling in customers like they used to. americans spent $9 billion at stores friday. that's down 7% from last year. but it's too early to call the holiday shopping season a dud. shoppertrack said early sales on thanksgiving jumped 24% and the biggest shopping day is still to come. that's the saturday before christmas. tomorrow is cyber monday. millions and millions of americans will log on and start shopping, entering their credit and debit card information without hesitation, but with security breaches at stores like
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home depot, target, k-mart, even the u.s. postal service, how secure is your information these days? abc's rebecca jarvis has some answers. >> reporter: in the 1983 movie "war games" matthew broderick was the ultimate hacker. child's play by today's standard. who made his thousands in cyber security. >> there are hackers everywhere, but here's the beauty if you are a criminal from cyber crime. it's the only crime where i can steal everything you own without physically having to be there. >> and the odds of getting caught are. >> are basically zero. >> with cyber monday, the world's biggest day for online shopping just around the corner, how can consumers keep their credit cards and personal
9:18 am
information safe? first of all, warns our shark -- >> don't shop online where you are out in public using public wi-fi. it's public wi-fi. everybody has access to it. >> and stick to credible retailers and before you click "purchase" always make sure the site is verified. look for an appropriate symbol like veri-sign or verified by visa. >> and third, always, always check your statements. if you catch fraud on your card right away, typically you are not responsible. >> he warns consumers could check the monthly statements line by line for small questionable charges usually under 20 bucks. whether it's cyber monday or any other day of the year, he warns consumers don't let the ease of online shopping keep you from being cyber security smart. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. and police across the bay area are offering tips to protect residents from package theft this holiday season. they recommend having packages delivered to your workplace or somewhere where it can be received in person. also request that the shipper require a signature confirmation
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and provide delivery instruction to the shippers so that packages can be left at a safe location out of sight out of the streets. people are also urging people to sign up for delivery alerts. frequent flyers won't have to wait until cyber monday to score great deals on air travel. alaskan airlines biggest sale of the year begins today. it kicks off at 4:00 p.m. pacific time and travelers have until december 8th to purchase travel between january 6th and march 4th. alaskan airlines, along with it's partner, regional airlines, serves more than 100 cities nationwide. time now is 9:19. we have a check on the weather, lisa. it's a great day to stay in bed and have some coffee and wake up with us at abc7 news. >> right. moderate rain across the area and thunderstorms are still lurking off the coast. heaviest rain is right here. you can see the yellow and the
9:20 am
red and the lightning strikes west of here. we have embedded heavier storm anywhere from a ten together .2 dropping along the coastal hills. let's take a tour. further south, davenport, you are looking at the heaviest activity the next hour or so. you go closer to the bay, you notice right across the bay and the peninsula, redwood city, palo alto looking at moderate downpours, the dunbar bridge, hayward bridge. and pleasanton picked up a little bit. and to the north, much lighter rain around lafayette and concord and clayton some activity. here's the dry slot through marin county up through sonoma. not much going on here. further south, daly city, you have light rain. this will continue throughout the morning hours. the sierra nevada, not much going on here. cloudy skies and our winter
9:21 am
weather advisory continues right on through tonight. but on the way to the sacramento valley getting hit with some pretty good rain. here's a look outside. pretty soggy for you with poor visibility from our sutro tower camera. 52 degrees on the peninsula. san jose. 54 half moon bay. temperatures drop about four or fief degrees with the heavier cells along the coast. here's a soggy san jose with the numbers here in the low to mid-50s. out toward the east bay as well. and from mt. tam it is gray and with a little break right now, you still will look for a few scattered showers throughout the day today. most of the activity is this morning. we will have a ding-a-lingering chance of showers this afternoon. it will break up and by late monday the next system cues up to bring us gusty winds on the coast and rain tuesday into wednesday. here's the. >> impulse that has been pushing on to the coast, the san mateo county coast throughout the morning hours. and from right now into the midnight hour, this is what we
9:22 am
are specking. a third of an inch perhaps san francisco. about a half-inch or better in oakland. look at the rain here, less than a tenth in the livermore valley and san jose only a couple hundred deaths. but on the coast we could pick up a few. and higher amounts in the santa cruz mountains 26789 to 7 inches is what could fall. that's above 6500 feet. temperatures are still rather warm. next system really getting into a subtropical set. the snow levels rising to 7,000 feet. noontime you could see scattered activity in the north bay. 2:00 it begins to break up more. and throughout the evening hours you have maybe a light shower. but overall drying out. this will take us through monday, where a weak ridge begins to build, bringing some mild temperatures. still a chance of showers into monday. it should be a relatively dry day. then the winds pick up ahead of the tuesday system.
9:23 am
here it is 7:00 tuesday morning, heavier rain offshore and by the early afternoon we've got heavy rain, gusty winds taking us through the tuesday evening commute. then the low has to push on through, bringing more rain on wednesday. so rain coming more scattered throughout the day. low to mid-60s. the heaviest rain on the coast this morning and moderate rain on the peninsula. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a little break, a little warmer tomorrow and then our tuesday, wednesday system still an additional inch or two. more than that up in the north bay and then we will dry out thursday, friday and saturday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play and we also have more information at our website. it's a busy sunday morning but things will get quieter. it's kind of exciting getting more rain. >> yes. and any shopping you have, you can do later.
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>> yeah. >> coming up, the christmas season is officially underway. there was a local tree lighting
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>> welcome back, everyone. in walnut creek a familiar face helped kickoff the holiday season last night. >> two, one! [cheers and applause] >> the tree lighting was the highlight of the night as abc7
9:27 am
news anchor dan ashley mc'd the walnut creek on ice. it's a tree lighting event with food, ice indicating, music and santa claus. the rink will remain open until january 11th. you can enjoy spencer christian tonight for the special presentation of the pier 39 holiday tree lighting. it will air the 6:30 this evening here on abc7. much more ahead on the abc7 including a dramatic rescue and a tearful reunion. a boy missing for four years found by police. you won't believe where he was discovered. >> she celebrated her 100th day of kindergarten while she was inpatient. >> a little girl battles cancer while learning to read and write. the teacher who went above and beyond to help one of her students. but first, taking a live look outside this morning at the san mateo bridge from the hayward side. we are waking up to slick roadways all throughout the bay area.
9:28 am
lisa argen returns with your
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9:30 am
>> the rain continues to fall down across the bay area. you are taking a look at video just outside of the abc7 news broadcast center on vallejo street. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen, in for carolyn tyler. we will send it over to lisa argen. >> hi, chris. heavier rain and some thunderstorms. waterspouts offshore. tracking them right now. there's the image. it shows the thunderstorm activity south of half moon bay, pushing in here and into the santa cruz mountains. some very heavy downpours here and right across the bay, the peninsula here, menlo park
9:31 am
looking at rain and more moderate rain for the hills of los altos and mountain view and and across the bay. and fremont, the hills up here look at heavy rain. north there's very light rain from san leandro to an lorenzo and oakland and lafayette. a break as you head westward out of napa. but napa has drizzle, as well as fairfield. and marin county and san francisco really lagging behind. we still are looking at the activities that will settle down throughout the rest of the morning hours and then a welcome break for the next 24 hours. i'll explain as we anticipate the much stronger system coming in by late monday. chris. >> lisa, thanks. with those slick roads, a reminder for motorists to be careful on the wet roads this morning. a man flipped his car while driving in the east bay. it happened around 1:00 this morning on lone tree way and in antioch.
9:32 am
the police say the man was driving too fast, lost control and then hit a median. he took down a light pole before flipping over. driver suffered minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. the latest from ferguson, month where the police office who are shot and killed an unarmed teen has quit the department. officer darren wilson has offered his resignation. >> overnight we learned darren wilson is officially resigning from the police department. a job he said he loved in an interview with george stephanopoulos last week. in his resignation letter, obtained by abc news, wilson sites his safety concerns and the widespread unrest in the five days since the grand jury
9:33 am
declined town dieted him in the shooter death of unarmed teenage are michael brown. >> no file exists to file any charge against officer wilson. >> wilson writing i have been told my continued employment may put the residence of ferguson and the fellow peace officers at risk, which i cannot allow. >> i greatly enjoyed working in ferguson. do you think it would be safe for me? do you think they would accept me? >> overnight demonstrators once again protesting outside of the police station. >> i believe he said it three times. >> and police arrest a handful of demonstrators nationwide since friday, and wilson hoping leaving the force will alleviate the tension in ferguson. he writes, "it is my hope my resignation will allow the community to heal." >> i'm still scared. >> what the your biggest worry? >> my family or an officer gets hurt.
9:34 am
>> the embattled former cop said he hopes to return to police work. that future now unclear. >> since the grand jury ruled, doesn't mean everything is over. >> the justice department is conducting a civil rights investigation into the shooting. alex perez, abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> reaction this morning over darren wilson's decision to resign from the police force. an elder man of st. louis's 21st ward spoke with michael raditz about wilson's decision. citing the safety of the department as one of the reasons, he said it was impossible for wilson to return to the force and more resignationings need to happen before the ferguson community can begin to heal. >> i think the ferguson police chief. i think it's impossible for the area to move forward with him in the role. there need to be some people who answer as to how the police responded to the peaceful protest in august, which escalate the the situation.
9:35 am
>>ed the alderman said there hasn't been government responsibility not many people have taken responsibility for what happened. more charges could be filed against a father accused. holding his 13-year-old son captive in georgia. the four-year ordeal came to a tearful end at a reunion yesterday. the boy holding tight to his mom. she found him somehow he had been able to send her a text message. he had been living behind a fake wall in the home. the father and others are after charged with false imprisonment and cruelty to children. >> we need to know the who, the what, the where and the why. so to find out exactly what happened is going to be the job of our detectives now. >> the boy will remain in protective custody until tomorrow to make sure he is safe. when a kindergartner at a san francisco school is diagnosed with cancer, her teacher went beyond the call of duty to help her learn how to read. in fact, her little classmates did their part too.
9:36 am
abc7 news educational reporter leeann melendez has the heartwarming story of a community coming together to help one of their own. >> nearly a year ago, olive diamond, now a first grader, was diagnosed with t cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. she was quickly pulled out of school to begin treatment. at the time kara cooper was her kindergarten teacher at francis scott key elementary. >> it just made me nervous and how we were going to continue her education and how i would keep her learning. >> during one of her visits to the family's home, cooper came up with an idea. >> they had facetime on their computer. i had her working on an ipad at home and at the table with her parents we thought this is something we can do together. >> using two ipads, one at her home and the other in the classroom, the teacher was able to include olive in the daily lessons from the hospital or from home. her classmates knew exactly what to do. >> she moved around the classroom with us and people who sat in the back or sat next to
9:37 am
the table just took the ipad and put it places so she could see. >> her parents say olive never missed a day of instruction. >> she was most fluidly reading certain level books by the end of kindergarten while she was getting aggressive chemo treatments weekly. >> the idea has inspired other teachers to do the same. >> for example, another teacher at the same school was recently diagnosed with cancer. with the use of an ipad, she is now reading to her classroom every day from her home while undergoing chemotherapy. >> she will never forget how she stayed connected to her classmates and how this one teacher did everything she could to keep her connected. >> we never were able to fall. there were really dark days, but we never were alone. >> olive is now a happy first grader with a passion for learning. >> are you happy in school? do you like learning? did you have a good time learning even though we couldn't go in the classroom last year? yeah, you did. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news.
9:38 am
>> still to come, a technological shift in the way you pay. the booming trend of paying by phone this holiday season but does it work all the time? we will find out. a live look outside this morning at 9:38. the kgo roof stand u see drivers out on the embarcaderoite now. slick conditions. a slight breeze in the aare, as well. lisa argen will return in a little bit and let us know when we
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>> this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look at the raindrops on the lens right now. this is from the camera, the exploratorium camera. they are open from ten to five this sunday morning. more than 1,000 people are expected to gather san francisco today to remember those who lost their lives to h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. the national a.i.d.s. memorial park at golden gate park will host the light in the grove ceremony. during the two days of events marking world's a.i.d.s. day, which is tomorrow, they will display a collection of personal tributes, photos, artwork and keepsakes left by families of loved ones who battled the disease. today's ceremony gets underway at 6:30 at the national a.i.d.s. memorial grove in golden gate park.
9:42 am
weather-wise, are we looking at more rain? >> a quick shot of moderate rain along the coast, then a thunderstorm for right here. about the only spot where not much is happening. this is fog in mt. tam. marin county is quiet. the rest of the bay, we will given you a radar tour when i return. >> also ahead, the cal bears needed a win over byu to become bowl eligible. we got a huge day from quarterback jared goff, but was
9:43 am
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>> good morning, everyone. we are looking at the 880-101 interchange in san jose. no issues connecting to 87 or 280 down in the south bay. but how much longer will the roads be wet? we will check in with lisa in a little bit. 9:45, the time. cash, credit or debit? this holiday season there's a new way to pay by using your smartphone. but as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, the technology is still new, so don't be surprised if you encounter a few bumps along the way. >> reporter: as retailers swiped card after card, every so often they get one of these. sometimes it even surprises the clerks. >> i found out through watching a customer using it, so i started using it myself. >> now she's hooked on apple pay. >> the fact that i don't have to actually carry my card. like i usually forget my wallet in the car.
9:46 am
>> indeed, toys-r-us takes almost every kind of mobile payment. >> we support google and apple. right now we aren't seeing a lot of payments. at this time next year we anticipate a lot of growth in that area. >> customers seem to like apple pay. >> it's convenient. take out my phone and it works. >> he said the much older google wallet works in a lot of the same stores. >> apple pay and google wallet work similarly. >> but tapping your phone doesn't work everywhere. some of the biggest retailers target, best buy, k-mart, you can't use apple pay or google wallet. that's not an accident. notice target has the same credit card terminals as toys-r-us. >> they are doing it on a software level and blocking it that way. >> they have "current c" and they have agreed not to support the competition. >> not thrilled about it because of the fact they are blocking a very progressive and new way of paying for things. >> the decision could be financial.
9:47 am
she said "current c" draws straight from your bank account. >> they are making it so the merchant doesn't have to pay the 2% to 3% transaction fee that they hate. >> they will try to make it worth your while by integrating coupons and loyalty cards right into the app. it would be a winner. >> it will be a headache if you have ten different wallets on your phone. >> the apple watch also supports apple pay. in san mateo, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> a dreary start to our sunday morning. lisa, some parts of the bay seeing win, some seeing rain, a little bit of everything. >> that's right. heavy rain along the coast, half moon bay, some lightning strikes and thunder from half moon bay and moving into the peninsula right now. you see the lightning strikes in the live doppler hd. these will continue to weaken as they move in. still the rain is coming town pretty good in the peninsula.
9:48 am
to the east you see heavier rain from 280 over through hayward, and over into the san ramon valley. further north the line really cuts off. but into watsonville, gilroy, wet weather down through 101, and you will notice that as we take it right on through 580, lafayette here and here very light weather. westward not much going from sonoma to marin. but san francisco, further south, the rain is at a pretty good clip and right on through highway high. slick roadways there. here's a bigger perspective. this will continue to move inland. the sierra nevada, not much going on here with cloudy skies, and maybe a couple more inches expected. but you see the gray sky here from the exploratorium camera. temperatures from the low 50s, san jose, morgan hill. and you are adding to your .75-inch from yesterday. san francisco could pick up an
9:49 am
additional .25 or .50 before the day is out. out 5 petaluma and livermore. not much going on in the east bay valleys. on top of mt. tam, over 2,000 feet lots of fog and wind, southerly wind, which will kick up in advance of a stronger system headed our way late monday into tuesday. today the rain showers will wind down throughout the afternoon. here's a look at our pacific satellite picture that shows that pushing in along the coast. you get those lifts with the higher elevations and weakening as it moves across. here's what you can expect throughout the rest of the day. until midnight san francisco picking up pick up a third. the livermore and san jose with half moon bay about a quarter inch. so as we go through the rest of the take, here's the snow flurry
9:50 am
activity in the sierra nevada. the sacramento valley will get hit pretty hard with downpours. in the sierra nevada we will just get a couple more inches above 7,000 feet. let's take you through the next several hours. noontime still some showers up highway 5. maybe some moderate rain. but it begins to break up here and then by 2:00 we are still looking at more breaks as we get through the afternoon. but in the north bay we could see some moderate rain. then by 5:00 things getting quieter, mostly cloudy skies, isolated showers. and a bigger break into monday. so we look for the temperatures to come up in advance of this next system. bringing gusty southerly winds. that's monday. not a whole lot going on. maybe an isolated shower. then by monday night very brisk winds and could see hazardous weather outlook for that from the national weather service. with the winds up to 50 miles an hour expected here. 7:00 we are looking at some pretty good rain, and by noontime we are looking at still
9:51 am
more activity. the front and the area of low pressure passing through by wednesday. that brings more rain. this is still an additional one to two inches of rain as we go through the afternoon on tuesday and early wednesday. so low 60s today with the rain becoming more scattered. the heaviest on coast. and the look ahead, the accuweather seven-day forecast, a slight brief break late today, into tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday comes the big system, and then we are drying out thursday, friday and into next weekend. so after this, not much happening. >> the rain will help with the deficit. >> absolutely. we should be about 70, 80% of normal for d.c. once we get to the middle of the week. >> lisa, thank you. turning to sports, this morning the raidlers try to win their second straight game. at 10:00 a.m. the silver and
9:52 am
black face the rams in st. louis and yesterday cal had a chance to become bowl eligible but they needed a win over byu here's abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports report. good morning. well, sonny dykes cal bears were 1-11 last season and what a turnaround this year. but needed a win yesterday over byu to become bowl eligible. a lot on the line and reason to end their season on a high note. jared goff looking to bounce back after last week's loss to stanford. he threw for over 200 yards in the first half and three touchdowns, all to kenny lawler, his favorite connection. great catch. bears led at the half. fourth quarter tied at 28. hit wide open jordan leslie. had to get a step on a defender like that. 83 yards. 35-28, cougars. now nine minutes left in the game. same score. goff with his fourth td pass of the game. corner of the end zone. trevor davis catches it with outstretched arms. great throw, better catch. 35-35 ballgame. but stuart threw for 433 yards and 5 touchdowns. once again wide-open receiver leslie, 23 yards. cougs back up. 42-35. and cal got into byu's territory. but fourth and goal, the pass
9:53 am
incomplete. byu with the win, 42-35. heartbreaking loss for cal, who finishes the season 5-7. >> everybody associated with our program has worked incredibly hard. you know, to come from where we came from last year to get to this point, you know, where we are playing for bowl eligibility, again, i think it's a real credit to those players and their work ethic and their perseverance. >> later the san jose state-san diego state game, very late. don was on time. something the spartans probably regret. he ran for 154 yards, and 2 tds in the first half. 20 yards here. aztecs up 7-0. he finished 267 yards, 3 touchdowns. san jose state loses six straight to end the season 38-7, that final. well, the sharks have lost four straight. looking to right the ship against the anaheim ducks. there's been chatter the coach's job to go on the line. a win could silence that noise.
9:54 am
the sharks and ducks combined for 163 penalty minutes last time they played. they still don't like each other. logan couture not feeling well. questionable for the game. two goals in the the first. five-hole here. 2-1, sharks. san jose at even strength. joe pavelski scores on the man advantage. 3-1. second period now 4-1. the backhand, top shelf. his fifth of the year despite a ducks rally, the sharks hold on for a 6-4 victory raiders hosted by the rams. we will have that tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up next, the asian art museum and holding a naming contest for a 3,000-year-old chinese vessel. what you can win for naming this ancient rhinoceras.
9:55 am
with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
9:57 am
the asian art museum is inviting the public to nickname a $3,000 chinese bronze ritual vessel which is shaped like a rhinoceras. they say it's important because few chinese vessels of the bronze age were made to look like animals. take a look here. the public can nickname this one through the end of december by submitting an entry on the museum's website or at their south court. after staff members choose the top three names, they will allow the public to vote for the winning nickname from among the top three. the prize for submitting one of the top three names includes a museum family membership. 9:57 the time. now a final check of weather. >> we have brief, heavy rain with thunderstorms and lightning and gusty winds all on the peninsula, back toward the coast. this will continue to push across the bay. some pretty good rain from palo alto. you see the lightning strike there across the bay over into free hospital and hayward. pleasanton and 580, it's a mess. you head north and things are breaking up and quieting down. up through concord and the north bay. still more scattered showers
9:58 am
right through the early afternoon and a break tomorrow. heaviest rain will come in tuesday, into wednesday, with still an additional one to three inches. >> thank you so much. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. for lisa argen, i'm chris nguyen. carolyn tyler is back next weekend. make it a
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> hello, for 26 years through our profiles in excellence we have highlighted bay area residents who made important contributions to the community. today we celebrate the cultural diversity with the history as a backdrop to our special program. >> it is wonderful, brand new center for history and culture opened this year as part of the hayward area historical society a museum offers a look into the area's past, present, and future celebrating the diverse heritage of the east bay community, four galleries provide space for exhibits that will educate and entertain everyone from kids to adults you will see more of this


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